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A recipe booklet et support food education in NY schools

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In November 2020, we partnered with NY Sun Works, a non-profit organization that builds science in urban public schools to teach students sustainability through hydroponic farming. Chefs for Impact created a recipe booklet in collaboration with Chef Preeti Mistry, Chef Victoria Blamey and Chef Norberto Piattoni showcasing the produce grown in NY Sun Works labs.

NY Sun Works is dedicated to improving K-12th grade science and sustainability education in public schools. In their Greenhouse Classrooms (GHCs), they use hydroponic technology paired with standards-based, grade-specific STEM curricula to facilitate hands-on, project-based learning that engages students and educators on 21st century environmental issues. They aim to provide tomorrow’s decision-makers with an elevated set of STEM skills, a broader perspective, and a lasting sense of commitment to lead the global community in an environmentally-efficient way. NY Sun Works’ first greenhouse classroom was installed in 2010, at PS 333 in Manhattan. Since then, we’ve established partnerships with 170 public schools, bringing us to 10% of all NYC public schools, the largest school system in the country.

Learn more about NY Sun Works and support their work: HERE

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