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Do you want to support your local food system and eat fresh, in-season produce?


'Eat Seasonably' is a special collaboration between Chefs for Impact, the NYC based illustrator Pauline Lévêque and local chefs and farmers. This local fruits and vegetables guide is an easy to use resource for seasonality. Find out what’s available throughout the year in New York or one of its surrounding states*.

Now more than ever it's important to eat in season and to support local agriculture because it tastes better, has a higher nutritional value, is environmentally friendly, and supports the community. Farmer's markets are a great way to get very fresh, flavorful and nutritious produce that have not traveled all over the country (if not the world) before getting into your shopping basket! Farmer's markets stimulate the local food economy.

* The harvesting periods are approximate due to varying weather conditions. Some produce is available from cold storage and/or grown indoors or in greenhouses during colder seasons. Call your local farmers for exact dates, harvest, and availability.

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