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By giving to Chefs for Impact, you’re investing in a social movement that highlights world gastronomy leaders' best practices to drive change.

You are contributing in spreading awareness to sustainable gastronomy.

Thanks to donors like YOU, we have educated and inspired people across the planet through our media and advocacy. We will continue to create inspiring and engaging content and live experiences to inspire consciousness.

Our goal is to support inspiring initiatives to protect vulnerable communities alongside the environment.

$250 - $600


Get the 'Eat Seasonably' bundle (Our jute market bag, a beautifully illustrated local seasonal guide, and a set of 12 seasonal placemats).


$600 - $2,500

Get the 'Eat Seasonably' bundle.


e-Meet a Chef, a farmer or a personality in the food industry and enjoy a conversation about sustainable farming, ask cooking tips or business advice?


> $2,500

Get the 'Eat Seasonably' bundle.


Access (for 2) to one of our private educational immersive dining experiences.


You care for the planet, the people and their wellbeing? There are many ways to donate your time and positive energy to help us further our mission of increasing the dialogue surrounding sustainable gastronomy.


Join our community and be the voice of change!

Inspire change


You work to make the F&B/hospitality industry more responsible?


Share your knowledge and sustainable food practices. Join the community to inspire consciousness.


Join the team


You are a strong believer in mission-driven food-related projects. You want to contribute raising awareness to sustainable gastronomy through education, advocacy and meaningful initiatives.

Join us!

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Be an advocate


Host an educational dining experiences, led by Chefs and farmers, designed to engage the audience and inspire consciousness.


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