Farmer flying drone across fields
Educating children and adults on the environmental and personal impact of sustainable eating.

We are a NYC based 501(c)(3) non profit organization on a mission to inspire a more mindful relationship with food in ways that are good for the planet, our health, and our taste buds. We strive to raise awareness for a more sustainable food system through community programming and education.

Food & Wine Events
Early Childhood Education
Cooking Up Change

We believe that chefs can be powerful advocates for a better food future. They play an important role in the fight for food system disruption as they facilitate the cultural changes needed to eat responsibly. From advocating local, seasonal, and organic sourcing, as well as sustainable techniques, they inspire more responsible consumption behaviors.

From Michelin Star restaurants to community dinners, these chefs are shaking up the culinary world while crafting what it means to eat sustainably across cultures and continents.


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