Giving a tribute to world gastronomy leaders committed to sustainability

Chefs for Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization raising awareness to sustainable gastronomy by using food as a powerful vehicle for change. It was founded in 2020 during Covid-19 pandemic to inspire consciousness.

Chefs are opinion leaders and powerful agents of change. They play an important role as they educate by sharing their knowledge and best practices. They facilitate the cultural changes needed to eat responsibly by advocating local and organic consumption.


Chefs for Impact provides game changing professionals in the global culinary ecosystem with a voice in the fight for food system changes. Through inspiring conversations, we share their stories and vision of the future of food. We celebrate their commitment to protect vulnerable communities alongside the planet.


We are dedicated to raise awareness of social and environmental protection through education, advocacy, and leadership by bringing influential industry players together.


A rapid change in eating behavior is deemed necessary to avoid catastrophe.

The future of food is NOW. Don’t procrastinate. Be the voice of change and impact.


At Chefs for Impact, we believe in solidarity, diversity, equality, and the power of innovation. Through experiencing, sharing, providing information and exploring F&B trends, we strive to inspire concrete actions that aim to promote sustainable gastronomy and conscious hospitality.



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Chefs for Impact, Inc.

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