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Chefs for Impact Ambassadors are global food change-makers working to inspire solutions that drive change in how we cook, grow, transport, eat, and think about food and its impact.

Who Are Our Ambassadors?

Chefs for Impact Ambassadors range from chefs, to restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and financiers, committed to exploring and advancing sustainability practices across cultures, regions, and industries on both a personal and public level.They believe in our mission and actively help not only promote our work, but strengthen it through collaboration.

What Do Our Ambassadors Do?

All chefs for impact ambassadors support our work on an ongoing basis in varying ways depending on their personal passions
and availability.

Ambassador's Can:

  • Support our youth program by teaching a class or advising on the curriculum

  • Host a food or wine event

  • Lend a space

  • Engage in and help create media campaigns

  • Host workshops for other chefs to continue learning

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What Our Ambassadors Can Expect From Us

We want to uplift our community of chefs and provide an opportunity to showcase their expertise, while providing a platform.

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Ambassador's Can Expect:

  • A Place to Connect: Access to a network of like-minded food industry players to collaborate with and learn from

  • A Place to Learn: Access to workshops and retreats to help our community keep expanding their own food knowledge

  • A Place to Share: Ability to express ideas and educate others about your work, projects, through our blog and social media platforms.

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