Meet Isabel Gunther, Chef and Founder of Little Green Gourmets in New York City.

Updated: Oct 4

An advocate for healthy food education, Isabel teaches children from an early age

to identify and appreciate fresh food vs industrial processed foods.

Photo Courtesy of Isabel Gunther

Chef and mom Isabel Gunther developed a passion for food and cooking from her own mother, a Cordon Bleu trained chef and food anthropologist. Isabel has lived and traveled all over the world, observing how other cultures introduce their children to food and help them develop healthy eating habits. Armed with this knowledge and faced with the challenge of feeding her own son, Isabel started Little Green Gourmets. Five days a week, Isabel and her team deliver thousands of healthy hot meals, prepared from fresh local and organic ingredients, to NYC schools.


Welcome Isabel to Chefs for Impact!


By Isabel Gunther as told to Chefs for Impact

Interviewed by Olivia Chessé


How did you become a Chef?


“I grew up in a farming town in Washington county in a food intensive family, surrounded by gardens and drinking raw milk! My parents were Victorian farmers, my mom went to culinary school and was running a kitchen; however, she always discouraged me from being a chef!