Meet Flynn McGarry, Chef and co-owner of Gem in New York City

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When the definition of sustainable gastronomy extends beyond what’s on the plate ; Flynn McGarry turns the restaurant into an experience where not only is the food refined and delicious, but it also promotes a sustainable lifestyle where everyone would be given a chance to blossom and progress.

Photo: Courtesy Flynn McGarry

Flynn McGarry is an outstanding Chef whose genius goes far beyond the food he cooks. What immediately stands out with these types of Chefs are their true leadership regardless of age, their commitment, and their passionate vision.

Flynn McGarry took his first steps in gastronomy at the age of eleven. He opened his first restaurant, Eureka, a pop-up food experience in L.A, at the age of thirteen. Then he opened a second one in the West Village in NY where he served a 14-course tasting menu. That early talent, which he mastered by cooking his way through expert level recipes in Chefs cookbooks and studying YouTube videos, led him to go work with the best teachers: Daniel Humm, René Redzepi et Thomas Keller.

Beyond his undisputed talent, Chef Flynn places sustainability at the heart of the experience he and his team offer the guests at Gem, the restaurant he opened in Manhattan's lower east side in 2018. Gem is a fine-dining concept that is informal in spirit while enjoying a refined execution. It is a hybrid approach to haute gastronomy that takes itself a little less seriously. To McGarry, the definition of sustainability extends beyond what’s on the plate; it is first and foremost a lifestyle model based on respect, development, and empowerment of its employees. Ambitious and resilient, he dreams of a restaurant industry that would put forward a virtuous circle in which everyone would be given a chance to blossom and progress. This responsible approach would then become a beacon to inspire the other players in the U.S. culinary scene.

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By Flynn McGarry as told to Chefs for Impact

How did you keep yourself busy the past few months?

“We closed Gem around mid-December for our winter break, which is usually a time for us to regroup and rethink how we can do things better. We were supposed to reopen on that day when everyth