Meet Loïc Villemin - Chef owner of Toya in Faulquemont, France

Updated: Feb 1

Passionate about ecology, this Michelin starred chef advocates for a reconnection to nature and the importance of creating strong relationships with producers and farmers. His ethical cuisine is an ode to seasonality and locality and an exploration of the taste.

Photo: courtesy by Loïc Villemin

Coming from a family of restaurateurs, Loïc Villemin found his inspiration in Moselle, France where he opened his gastronomic restaurant, Toya, in 2010. This was after having made his mark in the most renowned Michelin starred restaurants. Toya was entirely designed by the Chef and his family to be in perfect symbiosis with his values. Loïc created bonds with the local producers, farmers, and fishermen in the 40 kilometers around. Awarded one Michelin star at a very young age, Chef’s priority today is to achieve ecological coherence and to create virtuous relationships with his entourage.

Accompanied for 3 years by the EcoTable label, Villemin is committed to offering a responsible, ethical, and local cuisine served in tune with the seasons. In response to the alarming environmental status, he has chosen to work in respect of the planet, while continuing its quest for deliciousness. As a true explorer of the taste of terroir, he is currently experimenting with new crops with a few farmers in Moselle.

Continuously improving its techniques and sourcing methods, Chef Villemin aims to create a completely self-sufficient restaurant.

Welcome, Loïc to Chefs for Impact!

By Loïc Villemin as told to Chefs for Impact

What is your experience navigating these difficult times, particularly for the restaurant industry?

"We’re talking about human life here and that is the priority. I think the rest is superficial. If closing down restaurants can save lives, then in my opinion there's nothing to discuss."

Have you thought about transitioning to take-away?

"The restaurant is