Meet Franco Sampogna, Chef and co-owner of Frevo, in New York City

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Bridging the gap between international flair and NYC energy, Franco Sampogna creates a narrative centered on the art of seasonality and locality

Photo: courtesy of Franco Sampogna

Born in Brazil, Franco Sampogna began his culinary journey in France 12 years ago. His international background later took him through the rest of Europe, and now the United States, where he is Chef and co-owner of Frevo, a contemporary French restaurant with a modern take, located in the heart of Greenwich Village. His travels have not only expanded his culinary horizons, but have also inspired his craft of creatively incorporating ingredients to respond to the changing seasons. While working with Chef Alain Ducasse at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, Chef Sampogna was moved by Chef Ducasse’s respect for seasonality and locality – a philosophy he has carried with him since. In February 2017, Chef Sampogna reflected this philosophy while leading the dinner for the James Beard Foundation at Jema, a Newsday 3.5-star award winning restaurant. Only local produce was used from Huntington, Long Island, where the restaurant is located. Now at Frevo, his ever-growing relationships with local farmers and producers is showcased in both the seasonally changing menus but also the wine selections. Committed to sustainability in the gastronomic world, Franco Sampogna believes an exceptional dining experience starts from the origins of the ingredients.

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By Franco Sampogna as told to Chefs for Impact

What are you doing to keep busy while Frevo is closed ?

"We have launched Frevo at Home, offering more of a comfort style food to allow guests to enjoy in their homes. Frevo at Home consists of a weekly rotating Three-Course Menu - this rotation is to allow for the ingredients used to be closest to those in-season, as they change very fast. A list of wine pairings curated by our sommelier, Quentin Vauleon, can also be ordered with this menu or bought separately. We also just recently added 7 new flavors of home-made ice creams and sorbets to welcome summer. Soon, our famous steak knives and other details from our restaurant will also be available. All items ordered are available for pick-up or delivery."

How do you see the post-COVID restaurant industry being like?