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Meet Casey Baker – Head Chef-founder of Dinein & Chef at Asiatique by Mister French in NY

In response to the crisis, a chef starts a meal delivery service designed to giving back to the Hudson Valley community, aiming to become a food education platform.

Photo: courtesy of Casey Baker

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have seen the emergence of new food business models that are more responsible and inclusive. Casey Baker, a Joel Robuchon, Jean Georges, and Danny Meyer alum, started Dinein during the pandemic. It is a meal delivery service designed to bring fine dining recipes and techniques to people’s kitchens via professionally prepared meals, with step-by-step instructions. Dinein has been designed to give back to the community by showcasing local ingredients, and by donating a percentage of its profit to local food banks. It is also a collective of chefs and cooks that have been recently left unemployed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Welcome Casey to Chefs for Impact!

By Casey Baker as told to Chefs for Impact

Tell us more about DineIn and how does it work?

“When Covid hit, I was watching the news so much to the point where I couldn’t watch anymore. I had to find a way to keep myself busy while staying creative. At the same time, I wanted to find something that could possibly help others. That’s where the idea of Dinein came about. It is a blue apron type of service where guests can order our food online – menu changes bi-weekly. We package all the local ingredients, including the steps, so guests can prepare these meals at home.”

How does the mission of Dinein help the community?

We partner with chefs in the area. Everything made in the [DineIn] kitchen comes from local and fresh farming that benefits the Hudson Valley community. Our mission focuses on giving back by donating 20% of the profit to local food banks and housing charities in the Hudson Valley and the Bronx. We aim to help those in need and especially those affected by Covid-19.”

What do you hope your guests take away from the Dinein experience?

Dinein is a realistic combination of approachable cooking with the ease of creation. This home cooking creativity allows exposure to new foods and supports at-home community cooking. There’s an experience with adding seasonal veggies and fresh ingredients that adds to the finishing touches of each dish. There’s careful thought and consideration in the creation of these dishes to provide affordable and accessible meals to our guests.”

What’s your hope for Dinein?

“It’s been challenging to find new customers and grow the business, so I will probably have to go back to working in a restaurant set-up. But my goal is to use our platform as an educational resource to teach techniques while showcasing local seasonal ingredients.”



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