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2-Day Earth Day Event

The intersection of taste, art, and sustainability.


APRIL 21-22, 2021



04_22_21 EarthDay-0342.jpg

During Earth week, Chefs for Impact partnered with New Reality Co. and the Rainforest Alliance to launch the Earth Day dinner series on April 21-22, 2021.

This two-night pop-up dining experience at the intersection of taste, art and sustainability developed in collaboration with mission-driven Chefs, farmers and winemakers engaged our community on the impact our food has on environmental protection.

This dinner series also featured No.W (which stands for No Waste), the first eco-collection made from recycled clay by Revol Porcelaine, to further demonstrate our commitment to the planet.

About the Chef

Chef Frederic Robert

Chef Frédéric Robert


Frédéric Robert, a Chefs for Impact ambassador, designed a multi-course menu featuring local seasonal organic produce from Norwich Meadows Farm. The menu was paired with an exceptional organic wine selection by Master sommelier MOF Pascaline Lepeltier.

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