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Ben Hon: NYC's Favorite Food Photographer & C4I FoodxArtist

Acclaimed NYC based food photographer Ben Hon is showcasing his photography publicly for the first time ever at Chefs for Impact's FoodxArt Show Oct. 30th at the Wythe Hotel, helping to raise funds for our youth programming.

Ben's love for life revolves around two passions: food and people. Within the realm of gastronomy, he doesn't just capture the dish before him, but creates a visual narrative that celebrates both its artistic composition and the rich culinary tales that give it life. These narratives extend beyond ingredients and extend to the very creators of these dishes, be they chefs or restaurant proprietors.

In each photograph, Ben imparts more than just a visual feast; he shares the heart and soul of his subjects with his captivated audience.

While he initially embarked on his photographic journey in the realm of food, Ben's artistic lens has ventured far and wide, capturing behind-the-scenes moments and product stills for renowned culinary entities like The Food Network, Bon Appétit, and Beautiful Cuisines.

His talents have also found synergy with prominent brands such as Google, Stella Artois, Ben & Jerry's, and many others. Through his travel collaborations, Ben has traversed the globe, taking him to enchanting destinations like London, Italy, Finland, and New Zealand.

Welcome Ben to Chefs for Impact!

By Ben Hon as told to Chefs for Impact

What does eating sustainably mean to you?

For me, eating sustainably means being mindful of the choices we make about the foods we consume. It’s a big deal because it affects not only the planet but also our own well-being and future generations. What does your art symbolize to you? / What do you hope others feel after viewing your artwork?

I believe my art reflects my deep love and appreciation for the world of gastronomy, restaurants, and the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality. My aspiration is to evoke in viewers a heightened sense of enthusiasm and inspiration. To elicit not just passive appreciation, but an active response—a surge of excitement, perhaps, that compels them to embark on a culinary journey, to savor the dishes I share. I hope to kindle a creative spark, inspiring individuals to capture the essence of food with a discerning eye, understanding that in doing so, they contribute to the success of these establishments by sharing their visual narratives with a wider audience.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating?

The spark of my creative inspiration often comes from the creations of fellow artists. There are so many gifted people out there creating beautiful work. I hold their skills and artistry in the highest esteem, bearing immense respect for the talent exhibited by my peers and fellow photographers.

How does art create impact?

Art creates impact by touching our emotions, challenging our perspectives, preserving culture, empowering individuals and communities, inspiring creativity, and contributing to various aspects of our personal and societal well-being. Its impact can be deeply personal, societal, and even transcendental, making it a vital and influential aspect of human culture and civilization.

What is your favorite meal. My favorite meal leans towards something comforting, like a simple bowl of steamed rice accompanied by some delicious Cantonese BBQ or Hainan Chicken. On the side, perhaps a bowl of mapo tofu or stir fried snow pea shoots and some bone broth to wash it all down.



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