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Chef Ari Miller: Sustainability & Good Olive Oil Advocate

The Chef of our Olive Oil Dinner on October 27th with Heraclea, Chef Ari has been crafting menus with sustainability at their core for years. Founder of restaurant Musi, Miller created a higher standard in the Philadelphia food world for using local, hyper-seasonal produce, cheeses and meats. There are few restaurants that took the avoidance and innovative reinvention of would-be food waste to the level that Chef Ari Miller did at Musi, where he was named Best Chef 2019 by Philadelphia Magazine. Miller’s menus exhibited a constant and utterly delicious repurposing of rinds, tops, tips and often tossed-away bits — with a side of exquisite pastas. He draws upon flavors honed after a decade spent in Israel, but with restraint.

As Hillary Dixler Canavan put it, while naming Musi one of Eater’s 16 Best New Restaurants: “Musi prioritizes the things that diners ought to demand — a menu informed by local product and a kitchen connected to the region’s best purveyors — but the restaurant doesn’t beat you over the head with it.”

We're excited to introduce Chef Ari to the Chefs for Impact community, and look forward to having him cook for you on October 27th.

What does eating sustainably mean to you?

Eating sustainably means eating with intention and trying your best. It means keeping focus on values but also remembering that not every action is ideal. Support small businesses as often as you’re able and shop non-industrially when you can. But you’re gonna shop at the regular supermarket too, like most everyone else.

What excites you most about this olive oil dinner collab with Heraclea and Chefs for Impact?

I frocking love olive oil. So the chance to cook with it, garnish with it, and drink it by the spoonful is professional and personal bliss. Cooking to highlight this beloved ingredient while promoting an organization working to promote our Earthly capability to continue to grow and produce this elixir of the gods is the icing on Mount Ararat, as they say.

What does a good olive oil embody to you?

Good olive oil is joy.

What is your greatest inspiration when it comes to food?

I love the comradery of food. It exists in the relationship between cooks and the community from where the ingredients are sourced, in the kitchen amongst the team, and at the table where all this is expressed in the food itself and amongst the guests.

What do you hope people take away from your cooking?

I hope my cooking succeeds in creating some beauty that can be shared.






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