Meet Julien Allano, Chef de cuisine Le Clair de la Plume* in Grignan - France

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Visionary chef advocating a spontaneous, zero-waste, product-oriented cuisine, Julien Allano was awarded a ‘green star’ in 2020, the Michelin guide’s new sustainable gastronomy icon.

Photo by Alain Maigre

"Every single action of each of us does have an impact somewhere.

Inspire change, don’t force it".

Chef's best practices:

- A “Menu Confiance” based on what Mother Nature has to offer

- Local sourcing, always getting closer to customers and suppliers

- A zero waste cuisine

- Service and kitchen departments together on the same boat

- Total transparency of supply and production methods

Chef Julien Allano has built his experience working in the finest restaurants in the South of France. Named Chef of “La Mirande” in 2007, he held one prestigious Michelin star, and then joined the Palm Beach in Ajaccio (1*). Passionate and generous, Julien then chose Le Clair de la Plume to communicate his values through a seasonal cuisine centered on authenticity. His talent was rewarded with 1 Michelin star in 2015 followed by the Michelin sustainable gastronomy emblem (a green star) in 2020.

A true pioneer, today Chef Julien Allano shares with us his vision on sustainable gastronomy and his best practices.

Welcome Julien to Chefs for Impact!