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José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen Will Pay to Keep 400 Restaurants Open

The organization’s pilot program would pay for 400 restaurants to provide one million free meals

World Central Kitchen, founded by chef José Andrés, has been hard at work trying to keep people fed during the pandemic. Now, it’s launching a pilot program as part of its Chefs for America operation, in which it will cover the costs for 400 restaurants across the country to provide one million free meals to those struggling with access to food. Nate Mook, chief executive of WCK, told the Washington Post, “Our hope is that we can show that this works and get the powers that be, in our state governments and our federal governments, to recognize that this is a solution.”

WCK will be giving restaurants a fixed amount—around $10 to $20 a meal for pre-set number of meals—so they’ll be able budget for rehiring staff and ordering supplies. Given that the Federal Small Business fund has run out of money, and the only restaurants that have Trump’s ear are international chains and those run by famous chefs like Thomas Keller, charities like WCK are now the best shot at temporary relief for independent restaurants.



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