Meet Anna Polonsky, Founder and Creative Director at Polonsky & Friends in New York

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Committed foodie advocating food as a beacon of change through mission-driven initiatives to support the vulnerable communities.

Photo by @MalleBollini

Visionary Anna has a good number of strings to her bow. She graduated from Science Po Paris where she studied politics and advertising. After, she worked in the fashion and luxury industry for a while before “going back to her roots”, as she confides. 10 years prior to launching her own consulting activities in the Food and Hospitality industry, she landed in New York to expand the Paris-based disrupted food guide, Le Fooding in the US. This experience allowed Anna to build a strong knowledge of the US culinary scene and to develop a F&B network that includes the most interesting chefs and brands. Today, through her new venture Polonsky & friends, she’s involved in many projects across the country. A strong believer in mission-driven and food-related projects, she sees the covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to support the communities in need and perhaps “to reset an industry that was dysfunctional in the first place”. Deeply affected by the situation and strongly committed, she collaborated with several companies and people to launch two major charity initiatives to support the struggling restaurant industry workforce: the Bragard Apron and the Ask Chef Anything online auction which she’ll tell us more about.

Anna is a creative spirit who immediately put her visions into action towards inclusiveness and sustainability. We wanted to tell her story and highlight the admirable initiatives she began.

Welcome Anna to Chefs for Impact!

By Anna Polonsky as told to Chefs for Impact

How did you end up working in the Food industry in New York?

“I grew up with the love of food and gathering. My family comes from the F&B industry; my uncle was an iconic hospitality uniform designer and my dad has a supper club in Paris. As a matter of fact, I got to know chefs from a young age.

I studied political and advertising in Paris. I think at that time I didn’t