Meet Bobby Chinn – Global Nomad, Judge on MBC Top Chef, Tourism Ambassador for Vietnam to EU.

Updated: Jan 19

By Lizette Kodama - Chefs for Impact special contributor

Photo: Courtesy by Bobby Chinn

Egyptian-Chinese, Bobby Chinn is a true global citizen. Born in New Zealand and educated in the UK and Egypt, Bobby began his career in San Francisco but it was in Vietnam where he opened his first restaurant and carved out his name. Bobby’s global personality became especially relevant after the show “World Café,” on which he explored the globe visiting food markets, cooking, and discovering the culinary cultures around the globe.

Currently Bobby is a judge on “Top Chef Middle East,” while maintaining his position as Tourism Ambassador for Vietnam in Europe.

Welcome Bobby to Chefs for Impact!

By Bobby Chinn as told to Chefs for Impact

You said earlier this year, "The restaurant industry is dead." What will be the role of a chef in the post-pandemic world? Do you see new business models emerging in 2021?

From my perspective, I've been homeless for the last 5 years - I don't have a base anymore - so I was in Vietnam for 22 years. In my time, I was traveling all over the world with my TV show, so I visited restaurants around the world, became friends with a lot of these chefs in different countries. And, each country, each city, each type of cuisine is going to be affected differently, so we can't really make a sweeping generalization. But, as a sweeping generalization, yes, I do believe the restaurant industry is in dire straits.