Meet Christopher Coutanceau, Chef Christopher Coutanceau*** & La Yole de Chris – La Rochelle, France

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Expert 'Fisherman-Cook' and oceans conservation activist, awarded 3 Michelin stars in 2020 along with the Michelin guide’s green emblem for sustainable gastronomy and France's Best Eco-responsible Chef committed to environmental impact in 2019.

Photo by ©phvauressantamaria

Fisherman from father to son, the Coutanceau family has been passing on the 'virus' of sustainable fishing for several generations. Christopher Coutanceau, a passionate angler and sailor, celebrates the Atlantic every day in a delicious way through his cuisine. Deeply committed in raising awareness on the oceans protection and promoting small-scale traditional fishing, he was awarded the prize for the best eco-responsible chef in France by the Michelin Guide in 2019 for his action against electric fishing. In 2020, he was awarded his third star and the green emblem of the guide for his sustainable commitment. Fervent advocate of no-waste cuisine, Christopher believes that every fish caught must be valued and eaten in its entirety, from head to tail.

When he’s not in the kitchen, you will always find him on the water, whether he’s fishing, surfing, sailing, or underwater hunting. Needless to say, the sea is his element and La Rochelle - dubbed 'beautiful and rebellious'- his inspiration.

Today Chef Christopher Coutanceau shares with us his best practices from the ocean to his table.

Welcome Christopher to Chefs for Impact!

By Christopher Coutanceau as told to Chefs for Impact

How will your restaurant look like post-crisis?

“We will surely have to adapt to the post-coronavirus world. Similar to most fine dining restaurants, there is less change in the sense that the tables are already far apart from each other in the dining room. Also, we were already very vigilant before the coronavirus in terms of hygiene, following a strict disinfection protocol.

Our mission is to bring pleasure to people, and we need to provide our client with a safe environment where they can feel reassured and happy. We are going to protect our staff and our customers as best we can to start over and above all, to last.”