Meet Claire Heitzler – Pastry Chef

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Passionate about quality locally sourced ingredients from farmers who practice sustainable agriculture, Claire Heitzler advocates for an ethical pastry that reconnects with the land.

Claire Heitzler learnt pastry with Thierry Mulhaupt in Strasbourg before sharpening her skills by working with prestigious Chefs such as Troisgros, Georges Blanc, and Alain Ducasse. From France to Japan, England to Dubai, Chef Heitzler has taken French pastry around the world. Sustainability has always been part of her DNA. In 2016, she became creative director for Ladurée where she was able to work on quality, seasonality, and profitability. Internationally acclaimed and renowned, she has been a jury member of a TV cooking show in France, she is vice-president of the organizing committee of the World Pastry Cup, and a co-writer of several books. Inspired by nature and driven by a desire for exploration, this committed pastry chef likes to bond with farmers and producers. These special relationships allow her to teach responsible pastry to younger generations. In September 2018, she created her consulting and training company to bring her expertise and creativity to professionals around the world. Today, she shares with us her advice for a sustainable gastronomy reconnecting to the Earth.

Welcome Claire to Chefs for Impact!

By Claire Heitzler as told to Chefs for Impact

What's the status of sustainability in pastry?

"Over the last ten years, we have observed a sustainable movement in the kitchens that is getting closer to the producers, cooking with less fat and less salt. In pastry, we are at the very beginning of the reflection, but things are slowly starting to change. It is possible to make a meaningful pastry; it depends the way you have been educated and trained.”

How will the new generation of chefs stand out?

"The new generation is looking to work in committed restaurants and with mission driven chefs. They pay attention to sourcing and the environment, and they aspire to be actors of change. The profession is therefore driven by these young chefs who are working in this direction.”

What’s your definition of sustainable pastry?