Meet Douglas McMaster, Chef and Owner at Silo, in London (UK)

Updated: May 14

Douglas McMaster opened Silo, the world’s first zero waste restaurant in 2014, wrote the Zero Waste Blue Print and has launched the Zero Waste Cooking School after the pandemic hit last year.

By special contributor Elodie Levrel

Photo Courtesy of Douglas McMaster

"Sustainability is a system in which you regenerate what you've taken"

Douglas McMaster won a BBC competition at the age of 21 and was named Great Britain’s best young chef. In 2010, he opened up a zero-waste pop-up cafe in Sydney, Australia and started his first zero-waste restaurant in Melbourne 2 years later. After returning to his home country, at 26, he founded Silo in Brighton in 2014, now relocated in London. He’s also the author of The Zero Waste Blue Print - A Food System for the Future, giving an insight into the unique mind of the Chef and guidelines to dramatically reducing waste and creating a closed loop system.

Today he tells us more about his most recent project: The Zero Waste Cooking School and what his vision of a sustainable food system and the changes it requires.

Welcome Douglas to Chefs for Impact!

By Douglas McMaster as told to Chefs for Impact

As this crisis calls for reflection, do you think this is an opportunity for Chefs to educate their consumers even more?