Meet Felipe Gasko, Co-Founder at DuLocal, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Updated: Oct 4

Felipe has created DuLocal, a plant-based meal delivery business, because he believes that by changing the food system we could solve many of the environmental issues and the poverty that we are facing.

Photo Courtesy of Felipe Gasko

Felipe is the co-founder and CEO of DuLocal. He created the Brazilian meal delivery business in 2018. He is passionate about food and loves cooking for his friends and family. Felipe was trained as an environmental engineer and holds a master in environment economics. His engineering background urges him to find solutions to problems, and he is convinced that the food system is both the problem and the solution. Having grown organic vegetables himself with his family and after a short training in a culinary school in the UK, Felipe returned to Brazil to put into action his idea of how to have a positive impact on his community.

In this interview he tells us more about his business, what drives him to develop it further and how it supports a more sustainable food system for everyone.

Thank you and welcome Felipe to Chefs for Impact!

By Felipe Gasko as told to Chefs for Impact

Interviewed by special contributor Elodie Levrel

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