Meet Jacques Barreau, CEO and Founder of Grain de Sail in France

Updated: Oct 4

A conversation that proves that successful business models can be developed in ways that are virtuous for the Earth and its inhabitants, and that gives lots of hope.

Photo courtesy of Jacques Barreau

“We don’t want to optimize our carbon footprint; we want to kill it!” The adventure of transporting organic cacao and coffee with no Co2 emission for a more sustainable food system!

After several years working on computer science and electronic projects, Jacques Barreau started developing marine energy programs on the French coast in 2008, with his brother Olivier. In more than 8 years, they launched several projects including an offshore wind park currently being built in St Nazaire, France. Following these sustainable projects relying on wind energy, Jacques joined Grain de Sail in 2015. Leveraging his managing skills within a marine environment, he ensures that Grain de Sail grows in line with the 3 fundamental values of a sustainable development: Environment, Social and Economy.

Welcome Jacques to Chefs for Impact!

By Jacques Barreau as told to Chefs for Impact

Interviewed by special contributor Elodie Levrel

What is Grain de Sail?

“Grain de Sail is a French company that transports, in a cargo sailboat, French organic wine to NYC and brings from Central America back to France organic coffee and cacao beans to transform them and sell chocolate bars and roasted coffee at a local level!”

How did you come up with such an idea?

“My twin brother and I developed together renewable marine energy projects for 8 years and when the projects were launched, we wondered what to do next, within the marine industry as this is what we know best! After meeting a few people, we started thinking on how to make the marine transportation greener and quickly we came up with th