Meet Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya, Founder and President of the Food Dreams Foundation

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Philanthropist, passionate about food, daughter of one of the world’s most famous Chef, Louise is running a high impact non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between underprivileged students and the working culinary community.

Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya

Food Dreams Foundation is a story of family, passion and solidarity. Initiated by Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya 4 years ago, it is with her brother Cédric Vongerichten and her father, the culinary icon, triple star chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, that she co-founded the non-profit in 2016. As the President of the foundation, she’s fulfilling the culinary dreams of an unprivileged youth from across the globe, through scholarship, mentorship and career development. Passionate about gastronomy since she grew up in this environment, benevolent by nature and committed to notions of sustainability and impact, it is therefore quite naturally that the Food Dreams project has become a large part of Louise's daily life.

Through Food Dreams, Louise advocates Education as a key for a sustainable future.

Welcome Louise to Chefs for Impact!

By Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya as told to Chefs for Impact

What’s the mission of the Food dreams Foundation?

“Food Dreams foundation is a non-profit foundation that my father, my brother and I, we decided to launch 4 years ago. Our mission is to help unprivileged youth from across the globe, also refugees, to go to culinary school. By creating Food Dreams we wanted to help, as we have been helped in the past. We were lucky enough to have access to education, the right people to meet and the support to launch our own restaurants. There are so many young people all over the world that need financial help to study. To do so, we’ve built strong partnerships with several culinary schools and institutes in the United States. We will be launching the program in India at the end of the year with the renowned Christ University. Europe and Asia will be the next steps with, by 2021, hopefully around ten countries in which we will be able to help students go to school in their respective countries.

Then we created this post-graduate program where all the students will go into a one-year program and they will be working their way through the different Jean-Georges restaurants. They get knowledge about food, and from there they decide whether they want to specialize in fine-dining, fast casual, farm-to-table or vegan. Once graduated and after completing their post-graduate program, we guarantee them a job within the company. It’s been a great journey so far, even more to do this project as a family.”