Meet Manal Kahi, Co-founder & CEO Eat Offbeat in New York

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A Lebanese immigrant entrepreneur running a high impact business that changes the perception of refugees and revolutionizes the NY food scene.

“We wanted to stop stigmatizing the refugees by offering them a quality job in return of which they bring great value to America.”

Eat Offbeat's mission:

Giving a voice to underrepresented cuisines in NY

Bridging the cultural gap between refugees and the people who eat their food

Manal Kahi, an environmental scientist originally from Lebanon, got a Master degree in Energy and Environment at Columbia University school of International and Public affairs in New York. She is also a food lover and entrepreneur, and she came into the food impact business where she felt it had potential.

In 2015, she co-founded Eat Offbeat, a catering company that delivers authentic ethnic meals made only by refugees Chefs - mostly women - in NYC. Her three goals are to provide New Yorkers with a unique food experience that is “off-the-beaten-path,” to create jobs for home cooks with refugee status, and to demonstrate the value that refugees bring to America.

As Eat Offbeat is one of the most innovative ventures, it is also the smartest solution in solving the massive challenge of refugee unemployment. Manal is running a high impact business carrying strong human values.

Today she is sharing her vision with Chefs for Impact. Welcome to the community Manal Kahi!

By Manal Kahi as told to Chefs for Impact

How did the idea of Eat Offbeat come up?

“As I landed in NY and was missing a good hummus, I started making my own at home. Even though I’m not a chef, it was better than what you could find at the supe