Meet Nicolas Rossignol, Founder & President of the non-profit Tout Le Monde contre le Cancer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Committed to changing the way we look at cancer by using Gastronomy to fight against the disease and as a vector of happiness, pleasure and hope.

"As long as there's joy, there's life. As long as there's Gastronomy, there's life."

The non-profit organization TLMC (Tout Le Monde contre le Cancer, translated as ‘Everybody Against Cancer’), was created in 2005 under the impetus of Nicolas Rossignol. One day as a journalist on French TV, Nicolas made a report on a child suffering from cancer. Touched by this encounter, Nicolas decided to take a radical turn in his career and to throw himself, body and soul, into the association that he presides over today. With TLMC he defends strong values by accompanying the families of children affected by cancer. TLMC has acted numerous times throughout France: nearly 1000 in 170 hospitals per year. Among these, there is Toques en Truck (translated as ‘Chef’s hat in a food truck’), a solidarity gastronomic operation that mobilizes renowned talented Chefs who cook for the good.

The first time I met Nicolas Rossignol in my life, I knew he was a special person. If I was immediately seduced by his singing accent from the South of France, it was above all his positive energy that inspires you and animates you. He is the one who draws colors in any stormy sky. Rather than making minutes of silence, Nicolas Rossignol, makes minutes of noise in the hope that, from up there, the little angels can hear them. His benevolence and talent make him a human being apart from any other. It is thus quite natural that nearly 55 talented starred Chefs have put their trust in him by responding favorably to his call. They share their know-how, their passion and their love of taste with all these little children suffering.

Zoom on this extraordinary initiative and its many ambassadors who are none other than Dominique Crenn, Alain Passard, Yves Camdeborde, Benjamin Brial, Guillaume Gomez, Simone Zanoni and many others...

Thank you for this lesson of Humanity and Welcome, Nicolas, TLMC volunteers and Chefs to Chefs for Impact!

By Nicolas Rossignol as told to Chefs for Impact