Meet Olivier Passot, CEO Revol in France

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A visionary leader committed to reducing waste

Heir of the eleventh generation, Olivier Passot is running Revol, a bicentenary family-owned business with a very unique expertise in the manufacture of culinary porcelain in the South of France. Focusing largely on the Hospitality industry and working closely with Chefs, Olivier and his team attach great importance to craftsmanship, excellence and innovation.

In 2020, Revol revolutionized the tableware world by creating No.W (which stands for No Waste), the first eco-collection made from Recyclay (recycled clay in their slang), thus demonstrating its commitment to the planet.

Today Olivier Passot tells us more about this initiative and its environmental impact.

Welcome Olivier to Chefs for Impact!

“The Future of Tableware starts No.W” - Olivier Passot

By Olivier Passot as told to Chefs for Impact

The new sustainable collection No.W is the result of a unique revolutionary invention. Where did you get the idea from?

“First, it came from an observation. Revo