Meet Fanny Giansetto, Co-Founder of Écotable in Paris, France.

Updated: May 3

By creating the first French sustainable restaurant certification, Fanny is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the food industry while promoting eco-responsible, virtuous, and profitable practices.

Photo: courtesy of Fanny Giansetto

Fanny is a lawyer and doctoral student who has always been dedicated to environmental protection. She joined the initiative that sued the French government over climate inaction - which is the most signed petition in France with 2 million signatories. After long studies and research on corporate responsibility, Fanny was anguished by the dysfunctions of our times and felt the need to take action. That’s when her career was about to take a turn. Having become aware of the impact of food on the planet, Fanny co-founded Écotable, which began in 2019. Today, Écotable is the first French certification that aims to rate restaurants on their eco-responsibility as well as supporting them in their ecological transition. The certification now brings together 150 labeled restaurants throughout France and continues to grow.

Welcome Fanny to Chefs for Impact!

By Fanny Giansetto as told to Chefs for Impact

Can you tell us how the idea of Écotable came up?

"I was at a time in my life where I felt overwhelmed by the climate and environmental issues the world was facing, and I was in a negative mood. I had to figure out how to turn it into positive energy. The idea came to me as I was eating at a restaurant.I remember being appalled by what I was eating and the lack of information around it. The idea was a certification that would allow the consumer to choose committed restaurants and learn more about the restaurant’s approach in general. Where do their products come from? How do they manage food waste? What is the percentage of organic products they are buying? Is local agriculture represented? etc. This is what motivated the creation of Écotable, co-founded in January 2019.”

What exactly is Écotable?

“Écotable is a certification that gives French consumers more transparency towards the practices of their restaurants. It also supports restaurants towards a more sustainable approach. Écotable is also a real community of committed industry players and service providers engaged in sustainable development.”

How do you audit the restaurants?