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Meet Lauren Muggeo:

Lauren Muggeo is a visual artist living and working out of New Jersey. Highly saturated paint and lucid watery layers guide her practice, exploring instinctual reactions to different environments. Her artwork is a meditation on opposition, our relationship to time and place, and its power to shift perspectives. Through her painting we may glimpse a faceted connection to the world around us, it’s rhythm, mystery and magic.

What does eating sustainably mean to you?

Eating sustainably means thinking outside the pre-packaged box. To me eating sustainably is utilizing all parts of a food, eating what grows locally in our communities, and minimizing waste. Eating sustainably means thinking about our resources for generations to come.

What does your art symbolize to you? What do you hope others feel after viewing your artwork

To me this work represents my childhood, my connection to the sea, and passion for seafood. I hope that when people view this work they are reminded of the complex eco system that we partake in, and the beauty in the natural world around us.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating?

My artwork is a direct response to the different places that I visit and experience. I’m influenced by both urban and rural landscapes but more from nature. Water is a huge source of inspiration in my work, I incorporate this element in both my materials and my subject matter.

How does art create impact?

Art has the power to not only soothe and allure the senses but also to make us think. It can spark in us a new perspective, a question, a realization, and it may affect the way in which we navigate the world. Art has the power to broaden our ideas and instill in us a renewed sense of wonder in the world.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is my Dads Linguini and Clams. It is best enjoyed with my family, in Rhode Island, prepared with simple, local, fresh ingredients and a glass of wine.



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