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Pauline Leveque-Levy: Artist, Author & C4I Board Member

Pauline is a French illustrator and author, known for illustrating the last 6 novels of French best selling author Marc Levy, collaborating with brands such as Ladurée and The Mercer for NY Fashion Week, and showcasing her work in art galleries across NY and Paris including the Blue Gallery and Philippe Labaune Gallery.

Lévêque's art style emphasizes the structure and composition that constitute a city, and her technique is reminiscent of the simple lines popularized by Jean-Jacques Sempé and the delicate scratchings of Pierre Le-Tan.

With a passion for supporting sustainability efforts around the world, Pauline sits on the board of both Doctors of the world USA, an international health and human rights organization, and Chefs for Impact. She will be showcasing her work at our FoodxArt Show Oct. 30th at the Wythe Hotel.

Welcome Pauline to Chefs for Impact!

By Pauline as told to Chefs for Impact

What does eating sustainably mean to you?

It means choosing foods that are seasonal and local, with a lower environmental footprint. I love visiting small organic markets here in New York and also in Connecticut, where we have a countryside house. Eating locally and seasonally adds more flavor; its fresher and better. Additionally, as a family, we compost our food waste, and the reduction in garbage is impressive. Sustainable eating emphasizes a balanced and nutritious diet to promote personal health and well-being.

What does your art symbolize to you? / What do you hope others feel after viewing your artwork?

My drawings serve as windows to the cities of the world, with a special focus on the one where I have lived for the last 15 years - the Big Apple. I have a deep appreciation for lines and perspectives, as well as the beauty found in small details. However, I aim to leave room for your own imagination to wander.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating?

I am always curious about what I see around me. I find my inspiration in travels, streets, on rooftops – I adore rooftops, strolling with my head up.

I love watching people, imagining how they live, where they’re going, what they’re doing.

New York is an endless source of inspiration.

How does art create impact?

Art provokes emotions. It can be multifaceted and deeply personal. Art is subjective, but it has the ability to touch people in ways that are both universal and unique. It makes is a powerful tool for positive change and reflection in society. I believe that you can express anything through art, and it’s a perfect way to convey messages.

What is your favorite meal.

Haha way easier question! I don’t have one favorite meal. It could be a well-roasted whole chicken with sauteed potatoes, a crunchy fresh salad with green onions, an amazing French red Bordeaux, and some chocolate to finish. I’ll definitely join you for dinner ;-)



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